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Social  Stephanie Joyce, Anne-Marie Mazza, Steven Kendall, Rapporteurs, Committee on Science, Technology, and Law, Policy and Global Affairs, Board on Life Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, National Research Council (2013)

Positioning Synthetic Biology to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century: Summary Report of a Six Academies Symposium Series (2013)

Published: December 2012

Nat sci  Carothers, JM, Goler, JA, Juminaga, D, Keasling, JD (2011)

Model-Driven Engineering of RNA Devices to Quantitatively Program Gene Expression

Science 334, 1716-1719

Published: December 2011

Nat sci  Wang, B, Kitney, RI, Joly, N, Buck, M (2011)

Engineering modular and orthogonal genetic logic gates for robust digital-like synthetic biology

Nature Communications 2, 508

Published: October 2011

Nat sci  Misirli, G, Hallinan, JS, Yu, T, Lawson, JR, Wimalaratne, SM, Cooling, MT, Wipat, A (2011)

Model annotation for synthetic biology: Automating model to nucleotide sequence conversion


Published: February 2011

Nat sci  O'Neill, JS, van Ooijen, G, Dixon, LE, Troein, C, Corellou, F, Bouget, F-Y, Reddy, AB, Millar, AJ (2011)

Circadian rhythms persist without transcription in a eukaryote

Nature 469, 554-558

Published: January 2011

Nat sci  Ellis, T, Adie, T, Baldwin, GS (2011)

DNA assembly for synthetic biology: From parts to pathways and beyond

Integrative Biology 3, 109-118

Published: January 2011

Report  Peccoud, J, Anderson, JC, Chandran, D, Densmore, D, Galdzicki, M, Lux, MW, Rodriguez, CA, Stan, G-B, Sauro, HM (2011)

Essential information for synthetic DNA sequences

Nature Biotechnology 29, 22

Published: January 2011

Nat sci  Elowitz, M, Lim, WA (2010)

Build life to understand it

Nature 468, 889-890

Published: December 2010

Report  Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (2010)

New Directions: The Ethics of Synthetic Biology and Emerging Technologies

Published: December 2010

Social  Marris, C, Rose, N (2010)

Open engagement: Exploring public participation in the biosciences

PLoS Biology 8(11), e1000549

Published: November 2010

Nat sci  Lee, EK, Jin, Y-W, Park, JH, Yoo, YN, Hong, SM, Amir, R, Yan, Z, Kwon, E, Elfick, A, Tomlinson, S, Halbritter, F, Yun, B-W (2010)

Cultured cambial meristematic cells as a source of plant natural products

Nature Biotechnology 28, 1213-1217

Published: October 2010

Nat sci  Eldar, A, Elowitz, MB (2010)

Functional roles for noise in genetic circuits


Published: September 2010

Nat sci  Lim, WA (2010)

Designing customized cell signalling circuits

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 11, 393-403

Published: July 2010

Nat sci  Gibson, D.G. et al (2010)

Creation of a bacterial cell controlled by a chemically synthesized genome


Published: May 2010

Social  O'Malley, M.A. (2010)

Making knowledge in synthetic biology: Design meets kludge

Biological Theory 4(4), 1-12

Published: May 2010

Note: This article is part of a special issue on the historical and philosophical foundations of synthetic biology

Nat sci  Malleshaiah, MK , Shahrezaei, V, Swain, PS, Michnick, SW (2010)

The scaffold protein Ste5 directly controls a switch-like mating decision in yeast

Nature 465, 101-105

Published: May 2010

Nat sci  Peisajovich, SG, Garbarino, JE, Wei, P, Lim, WA (2010)

Rapid diversification of cell signaling phenotypes by modular domain recombination

Science 328, 368-372

Published: April 2010

Nat sci  Agapakis, CM, Ducat, DC, Boyle, PM, Wintermute, EH, Way, JC, Silver, PA (2010)

Insulation of a synthetic hydrogen metabolism circuit in bacteria

Journal of Biological Engineering 4, 3

Published: February 2010

Nat sci  Agapakis, CM, Ducat, DC, Boyle, PM, Wintermute, EH, Way, JC, Silver, PA (2010)

Insulation of a synthetic hydrogen metabolism circuit in bacteria

Journal of Biological Engineering 4, 3

Published: February 2010

Nat sci  Bashor, CJ, Horwitz, AA, Peisajovich, SG, Lim, WA (2010)

Rewiring cells: synthetic biology as a tool to interrogate the organizational principles of living systems

Annual Review of Biophysics 39, 515-537

Published: February 2010

Nat sci  Cooling, MT, Rouilly, V, Misirli, G, Lawson, J, Yu, T, Hallinan, J, Wipat, A (2010)

Standard Virtual Biological Parts: A Repository of Modular Modeling Components for Synthetic Biology

Bioinformatics 26, 925-931

Published: February 2010

Nat sci  Neumann, H, Wang, K, Davis, L, Garcia-Alai, M, Chin, JW  (2010)

Encoding multiple unnatural amino acids via evolution of a quadruplet-decoding ribosome


Published: February 2010

Social  Carlson, R (2010)

Biology is Technology: The Promise, Peril, and New Business of Engineering Life

Harvard University Press

Published: January 2010

Nat sci  Danino, T, Mondragon-Palomino, O, Tsimring, L, Hasty, J (2010)

A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks

Nature 463, 326-330

Published: January 2010

Note: See also the accompanying News & Views piece by Martin Fussenegger.

Social  May, M (2009)

Engineering a new business

Nature Biotechnology 27(12), 1112-1120

Published: December 2009

Note: As the market for DNA on demand continues to grow, increases in the scale and efficiency of new genome engineering approaches promise to accelerate product discovery and even open up new commercial opportunities.

Nat sci  Wadman, M (2009)

US drafts guidelines to screen genes

Nature doi:10.1038/news.2009.1117 ,

Published: December 2009

Social  Ginsberg, AD (2009)

Building new life forms at the iGEM jamboree


Published: November 2009

Note: This article is penned by Daisy Ginsberg, one of the designers who worked alongside the 2009 Cambridge iGEM team.

Social  Morange, M (2009)

A new revolution?

EMBO reports 10, S50-S53

Published: August 2009

Note: Discusses the place of systems biology and synthetic biology in the history of biology.

Nat sci  Lartigue, et al (2009)

Creating bacterial strains from genomes that have been cloned and engineered in yeast


Published: August 2009

Note: A recent advance in synthetic biology: Craig Venter and colleagues have transferred a bacterial genome into yeast, modified that genome, and then put it into a different bacterium within which it drives the microbe's biochemistry and reproduction.

Nat sci  Wang, et al (2009)

Programming cells by multiplex genome engineering and accelerated evolution

Nature 460, 894-898

Published: August 2009

Note: Genomic diversity is difficult to generate in the laboratory in an efficient way. George Church's group at Harvard describes multiplex automated genome engineering (MAGE) for large-scale programming and evolution of cells. It is an automated and efficient approach that expedites the design and evolution of organisms with new and improved properties.

Report  Royal Academy of Engineering (2009)

Synthetic Biology: Public Dialogue on Synthetic Biology

Royal Academy of Engineering

Published: June 2009

Nat sci  Purnick, PEM, Weiss, R (2009)

The second wave of synthetic biology: from modules to systems

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 10(6), 410-422

Published: May 2009

Report  Royal Academy of Engineering (2009)

Synthetic Biology: Scope, Applications and Implications

Royal Academy of Engineering

Published: May 2009

Nat sci  Bhalerao, KD (2009)

Synthetic gene networks: the next wave in biotechnology?

Trends in Biotechnology 27(6), 368-374

Published: May 2009

Nat sci  Ellis, T, Wang, X, Collins, JJ (2009)

Diversity-based, model-guided construction of synthetic gene networks with predicted functions

Nature Biotechnology 27(5), 466-471

Published: May 2009

Note: Ellis and colleagues have generated and characterized a library of S. cerevisiae promoter components, and then used computer modelling to inform how these components should be assembled for particular uses.

Report  Rodemeyer, M (2009)

New Life, Old Bottles: Regulating First-Generation Products of Synthetic Biology

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Published: March 2009

Nat sci  Kelly, JR, Rubin, AJ, Davis, JH, Ajo-Franklin, CM, Cumbers, J, Czar, MJ, de Mora, K, Glieberman, AL, Monie, DD, Endy, D (2009)

Measuring the activity of BioBrick promoters using an in vivo reference standard

Journal of Biological Engineering 3(4), doi:10.1186/1754-1611-3-4

Published: March 2009

Social  Katsnelson, A (2009)

Brick by Brick

The Scientist 23(2), 42

Published: February 2009

Note: A look at the iGEM competition and development of BioBrick standards.

Social  Calvert, J (2008)

The Commodification of Emergence: Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology and Intellectual Property

BioSocieties 3, 383-398

Published: December 2008

Note: Network member Jane Calvert discusses intellectual property issues in relation to systems and synthetic biology

Nat sci  Novak, B, Tyson, JJ (2008)

Design principles of biochemical oscillators

Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 9, 981-991

Published: December 2008

Nat sci  Leonard, E, Nielsen, D, Solomon, K, Prather, KJ (2008)

Engineering microbes with synthetic biology frameworks

Trends in Biotechnology 26(12), 674-681

Published: November 2008

Nat sci  Prather, KLJ, Martin, CH (2008)

De novo biosynthetic pathways: rational design of microbial chemical factories

Current Opinion in Biotechnology 19(5), 468-474

Published: November 2008

Note: This article is part of a special issue of Current Opinion in Biotechnology on "Metabolic engineering in the 21st Century: Meeting global challenges of sustainability and health".

Nat sci  Stricker, J, Cookson, S, Bennett, MR, Mather, WH, Tsimring, LS, Hasty, J (2008)

A fast, robust and tunable synthetic gene oscillator


Published: October 2008

Note: The authors describe an engineered genetic oscillator in E. coli that is fast, robust, persistent and tunable.

Nat sci  Editorial (2008)

Pathways to security

Nature 455, 432

Published: September 2008

Social  Parens, E, Johnston, J, Moses, J (2008)

Do we need "synthetic bioethics"?

Science 321, 1449

Published: September 2008

Report  Royal Society (2008)

Synthetic Biology: Scientific Discussion Meeting Summary

Published: September 2008

Note: This report summarises the discussion that took place at the Royal Society meeting on Synthetic Biology, 2-3 June 2008.

Social  Greener, M (2008)

Is the grass greener on the other side? Encouraging the development of synthetic biology in Europe

EMBO Reports 9(9), 835-837

Published: September 2008

Nat sci  de Lorenzo, V, Danchin, A (2008)

Synthetic biology: discovering new worlds and new words

EMBO Reports 9(9), 822-827

Published: September 2008

Social  Lentzos, F, Bennett, G, Boeke, J, Endy, D, Rabinow, P (2008)

Roundtable on synthetic biology: Visions and challenges in redesigning life

BioSocieties 3, 311-323

Published: September 2008

Note: This article contains transcripts from discussions with Drew Endy, Jef Boeke, Paul Rabinow and Gaymon Bennett.

Nat sci  Stein, L D (2008)

Towards a cyberinfrastructure for the biological sciences: progress, visions and challenges

Nature Reviews Genetics 9(9), 678-688

Published: August 2008

Nat sci  Taylor, C F et al (2008)

Promoting coherent minimum reporting guidelines for biological and biomedical investigations: the MIBBI project

Nature Biotechnology 26(8), 889-896

Published: August 2008

Note: This commentary provides an up-to-date look at the many 'minimum information checklists' currently under development across biological and biomedical sciences

Nat sci  Kevin Channon, Elizabeth HC Bromley, Derek N Woolfson (2008)

Synthetic Biology Through Biomolecular Design and Engineering

Current Opinion in Structural Biology 18, 491-498

Published: August 2008

Nat sci  Arkin, A (2008)

Setting the standard in synthetic biology

Nature Biotechnology 26(7), 771-774

Published: July 2008

Nat sci  Canton, B, Labno, A, Endy, D (2008)

Refinement and standardization of synthetic biological parts and devices

Nature Biotechnology 26(7), 787-793

Published: July 2008

Nat sci  Peccoud, J, Blauvelt, MF, Cai, Y, Cooper, KL, Crasta, O, DeLalla, EC, Evans, C, Folkerts, O, Lyons, BM, Mane, SP, Shelton, R, Sweede, MA (2008)

Targeted development of Registries of Biological Parts

PLoS One 3(7), e2671

Published: July 2008

Report  Calvert, J, Tait, J (2008)

Synthetic Biology: Risks and opportunities of an emerging field

Concept Note, International Risk Governance Council

Published: June 2008

Social  O'Malley, M, Powell, A, Davies, J, Calvert, J (2008)

Knowledge-making distinctions in synthetic biology

BioEssays 30(1), 57-65

Published: December 2007

Social  Rutz, B (2007)

Synthetic biology through the prism of scenarios

Biotechnology Journal 2, 1072-1705

Published: September 2007

Note: This article is about intellectual property and synthetic biology, written by an examiner at the European Patent Office

Nat sci  Bernhardt, K, Carter, E J, Chand, N S, Lee, J, Xu, Y, Zhu, X, Ajioka, J W, Goncalves, J M, Haseloff, J, Micklem, G, Rowe, D (2007)

New tools for self-organised pattern formation

IET Synthetic Biology 1(1-2), 29-31

Published: June 2007

Nat sci  Kitney, R I, Freemont, P S, Rouilly, V (2007)

Engineering a molecular predation oscillator

IET Synthetic Biology 1(1-2), 68-70

Published: June 2007

Nat sci  Aleksic, J, Bizzari, F, Cai, Y, Davidson, B, de Mora, K, Ivakhno, S, Seshasayee, S L, Nicholson, J, Wilson, J, Elfick, A, French, C, Kozma-Bognar, L (2007)

Development of a novel biosensor for the detection of arsenic in drinking water

IET Synthetic Biology 1(1-2), 87-90

Published: June 2007

Social  Rai, A, Boyle, J (2007)

Synthetic biology: caught between property rights, the public domain, and the commons

PLoS Biology 5(3), e58

Published: March 2007