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Links – UK networks

A synthetic biology network for modelling and programming cell-chell interactions

This Network is led by Dr Natalio Krasnogor at the University of Nottingham.

Microbial Applications to Tissue Engineering

This Network is led by Professor Phillip Wright at the University of Sheffield.

RoSBNet -- From robust synthetic biological parts to whole systems: Theoretical, practical and ethical challenges

This Network is led by Professor Antonis Papachristodoulou at the University of Oxford.

SPPI-NET: A network for synthetic plant products for industry

This Network is led by Professor Robert Edwards and Dr Patrick Steel at the University of Durham.

Synbion Network

This network is led by Professor John Ward at the University College London. The aim of the Synbion Network will be to explore the full range of what biologically designed elements could achieve in the fields of electronics, optics, opto-electroincs and magnetics and combinations of these fields.

Synthetic Components Network: Towards Synthetic Biology from the Bottom Up

This Network is led by Professor Dek Woolfson at the University of Bristol.