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What they said

Notable quotations from our front page

“We're talking about a technology (synthetic biology) that is still in its early stage. In terms of commercializing products, it will take a few years for that to happen”

“It (synthetic biology) has the potential for changing everything from agriculture to medicine. It is literally re-programming cells to do fundamentally different things in the way they were naturally created.”

“Synthetic biology has the potential to drive economic growth but still remains relatively untapped and these new centers will ensure that the UK is at the forefront when it comes to commercializing these new technologies”

“We are reaching a key inflection point where advances in synthetic biology have the potential to rapidly accelerate and improve biotherapeutics drug discovery and development, from early-stage candidate discovery through product supply, which could bring better, more effective therapies to patients more rapidly”

“There are very few molecular operations that you understand in the way that you understand a wrench or a screwdriver or a transistor.”

“We now need to move beyond Legoâ„¢ metaphors and genetic toys to professional technologies.”

“Part of the whole excitement of synthetic biology was to make a branch of molecular biology into an engineering discipline”

“The scientific community must take, and be seen to be taking, a lead in debating the implications of their research and engaging with broader society”

“Unlike many other engineering disciplines, biology does not yet possess a theory of what the minimal information about a biological part should be”

“Synthetic biology has huge potential to help us both further our understanding of natural biological systems and also develop new biologically-based systems to tackle future challenges”

“If you wanted to do bioterrorism, you wouldn't go to the hassle of creating a new organism. There are plenty of ways of doing it already”

“An emerging field of science which is being used to create artificial life is at risk of being abused by terrorists, according to a new report”