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Why is this here?

Rubber duck

Fake-fur microbe

Toy giraffe

Images of synthetic biology

You might have noticed the small creatures that keep popping up in the top corner of our website, and wondered what a plastic giraffe or a fake-fur microbe has to do with synthetic biology.

Well, the idea was to take a light-hearted look at what “synthetic biology” means. But we also believe that looking at things from a different angle – even a slightly silly one – helps us to explore deeper questions about what life is, and how descriptions such as “natural”, “artificial” or “synthetic” can be applied to it.

We would be very glad to receive your own visual interpretations of “synthetic biology”. Email your images to us, together with a short caption, and we will include them in the database from which the pictures in the corner of our website are randomly chosen.

See our Wildlife Gallery for the full range of images and details of who supplied them.


Please note that submissions must not infringe copyright; for this reason, please tell us where you obtained the image from. We recommend taking your own pictures, using a curved sheet of white paper as a background.